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We are very proud of our role with many Western Australian businesses that rely on us for quality products, advice and an ongoing willingness to achieve a good result using timber to solve storage and transport issues;

For example:
Packaging for Mineral Processing that Passes the Test

Customers can require their goods to be distributed in means other than the use of pallets or gluts. This can be due to the fact that their product is shipped in a non-solid state or that legislation requires their packaging to be structurally bound in a particular way to prevent harm to community or the environment. Pinetec has worked closely with product manufacturers and developed solutions where the design and onsite testing of composite boxes and crates have enabled legislated compliance to the carrying of various dangerous or hazardous goods. Focus and perseverance to the research, development and fulfilment of these projects by Pinetec has provided customers with a capability to move products with confidence.

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