Timber Packaging

Industry demands for packaging products are often diversified and driven by factors unique to business specific product and logistical requirements. Pinetec design, develop and manufacture a wide range of timber packaging products for a variety of industry applications. Pinetec's flexibility, durability and capacity to assist in addressing packaging and transport requirements are as diverse as the industries supplied.

Pinetec has the infrastructure and capability at its Bassendean facility to produce an extensive range of timber packaging products using both softwood and hardwood material and treatment options. This production capability includes the manufacture and provision of docked, gauged, trenched, grooved, shaped and scalloped packaging products in addition to both heat and chemical treatment of timber and timber products.

This diverse manufacturing capability allows Pinetec the capability to service a range of industry segments with unique and specific needs:

PIPE MANUFACTURE - Customers in this market sector had consistent issues with stacking, storage and transportation of multiple layered pipes where damage would occur through structural fracturing and abrasive impact.

Pinetec was able to utilise our extensive industry knowledge to design composite (hardwood and softwood hybrid) scalloped gluts that provided a constructive solution to this issue. The result mitigated all issues surrounding damage through logistical execution and provided a means for safe storage.

MINING and RESOURCES - This market sector can be particularly demanding on the structural integrity of the pine fibres generally used in the construction of timber packaging. The stresses placed on the timber packaging through non-metropolitan logistics and exposure to rough terrain meant that in certain instances repairs to timber packaging as well as the product being distributed were needed when the goods arrived at their final destination.

To overcome this issue, extensive trialling was conducted using hardwood and softwood fibre combinations to maximise strength whilst keeping the project economically viable for the customer. The solution increased the timber packaging resistance to breaches in the structural integrity and minimised interruption to the customers operation through unnecessary allocation of personnel to product damage and packaging maintenance.

BUILDING and CONSTRUCTION - A number of  customers in this industry have recently needed to make changes to their manufacturing layouts or even build new plants to accommodate growth or product diversification. This situation invariably requires changes to the design of automated conveyor and palletising systems which can often be viewed as a demanding and complicated process.

Pinetec has assisted a number of businesses in this industry to mitigate arange of associated with alterations to their material handling systems by providing innovative timber packaging design advice and the subsequent provision of product that are aligned to the customers specific operational requirements.

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