Wood Pallets

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Softwood and Hardwood

We are committed to supplying our customers the best value solution available by translating specific business needs and packaging demands into the optimum design configuration using the most appropriate materials composition.

Pinetec's Bassendean facility is equipped with an extensive arrangement of automated manufacturing equipment that provides the operational capability of producing high volume and high quality pallets using both softwood and hardwood materials in various configurations to suit our customer's specific application.

In addition to Pinetec's on-site capacity to manufacture pallets in various combinations of different timber species, Pinetec has the capability to perform specialised treatment services including:

  • ISPM15 Heat Treatment - AWPCS approved provider
  • EHB Treatment - chemical and heat treatment
  • Wood Preservative Treatment - chemical treatment

Our ability to supply and service a customer base with a diversified product requirement is based around the following key capabilities:

CAPACITY - Through technology and automation our manufacturing facility is confidently able to meet the needs of any specific materials handling requirement whether it be in product design, volume or supply time-frames.

EXPERIENCE - Our people are industry professionals with comprehensive experience and knowledge across the broad range of materials handling, manufacturing and operational disciplines - we understand the pallet and timber packaging industry and remain committed to ensuring that customer expectations are surpassed.

TECHNOLOGY - We have the design, manufacturing and servicing infrastructure to appropriately service any variable that may be presented in respect to a specific material handling requirement.

RESOURCE SUSTAINABILITY - Pinetec recognises the importance of establishing long term business partnerships with timber resource providers that have a strong focus on sustainability. Pinetec remains committed to working with timber processors that have secured long term supply of plantation logs and who are recognised as being compliant with internationally recognised standards in respect to forestry and harvesting initiatives and processes.

Why choose timber pallets?

  • More durable and stronger than most other competing products
  • Provide flexible usage in storage, handling and distribution situations
  • More cost effective
  • Readily available in large volumes and in shorter lead times than most other competing products
  • Able to be maintained and refurbished more easily than most other competing products
  • Able to be more easily customised to accommodate specific requirements

Call us today without obligation to discuss your pallet issues. We are experienced industry locals and it is very likely that we understand and can deliver on your specific industry need at Pinetec.

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